Pay as you prefer: Paypal or Credit Card. does not charge commissions! accepts the following forms of payment:

1) Paypal:
in case of payment with Paypal will direct the "Complete Order" on the secure page of Paypal. At that point, you just have to enter the personal email and password already registered and proceed with the payment according to the usual methods of the Paypal circuit. If you complete the shipping data to an address other than the one registered on PayPal, remember to change the same also in the PayPal payment form.

2) Credit Card linked to PayPal:
you don't have a PayPal account but you don't trust to pay with your credit card? You can connect it to PayPal and benefit from all PayPal buyer protection!

3) Credit Card via Stripe:
on you can pay with any credit card, rechargeable or balance, visa, mastercard, visa electron, postepay, american express. Credit card payments are encrypted and 100% secure via Stripe Platform.

Please note: if you have made a payment through Paypal or credit card, the payment process takes place in 24 hours.

We have a payment platform with the following security level:

1) The user can withdraw the payment without incur in any penalties.
2) We apply a chargeback policy
3) All the payments methods are handle by a specific platform protected by TLS (Transport Layer Security)
4) Our platform is fully protected by HTTPS (Hypertext transfer protocol security) which include: web site identification, privacy protection, data exchange integrity between all the parties involved.

Notice to customers about scams:

We are constantly subject to attempts at fraud by malicious parties. It can happen that someone steals your PayPal account or your credit card and try to make purchases on our shop. Our security team checks every single transaction and in case of suspicious data, we promptly notifies the customer before confirming the order. We do not accept orders when the shipping address does not match the billing address or when the data is suspicious. Every transaction is subject to revision by our security team.

Notice to scammers:

We have your data, your ip address (even if protected by VPN service) and every attempt is reported to the competent authorities.